Financial Assistance Programs

We understand that private Christ-centered education requires not only a commitment to your child’s successful learning experience but a financial investment as well. We are committed to partnering with you on this journey by offering several financial assistance programs.

1. Family Referral Program

At Riverside Christian School we are very thankful for all of our students and their families. We also believe that our best advertisers are families just like yours; families who have great experiences to share with others who may be interested in the same quality, Christ-centered education for their children. That is why we offer our Family Referral Program; To say thank you for sharing our school with future RCS families and for helping to bring more children to Jesus!

For each student you recruit, you will earn $300 cash! Payable after the new student completes their 3rd quarter at RCS. That means if you recruit a family with three students who enroll and attend at least 3 quarters, you will earn $900!

Also, as we are working “Together as One”, we would love to invite church members to recruit! If a new family informs us that a church member was the one to introduce them to Riverside, the Riverside church member will receive the cash referral gift to be used however they wish.

Let’s go out and spread the word on how Riverside is showing extreme love through limitless acceptance, and grow in numbers and in Jesus!

Elegibility Requirements

  • The new family registering to RCS must state you as their referral.
  • The new student(s) must attend at least 3 quarters at RCS.

1. Every Child Deserves To Know Christ

The Oregon Conference Seventh-Day Adventists has an exciting grant for all incoming Kindergarten, First Grade and Ninth Grade students. The Every Child Deserves To Know Christ grant program is designed to assist families who may struggle to meet the costs of tuition for a Christian education.

Elegibility Requirements

  • Student must be registered for Kindergarten or First Grade at the time of application.
  • The application process requires families to submit an application to FACTS, a third-party vendor, which supplies the school with an independent analysis and assessment of an applicant’s ability to pay tuition. 

2. NPUC Hispanic Student Scholarship

The North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists offers a scholarship for families of Hispanic/Latino origin, who may not be able to enroll their child due to financial constraints. This scholarship may be renewed, and application(s) must be received by the school prior to the academic year beginning.

Elegibility Requirements

  • The student must have the financial backing of their local church and school with appropriate certification as described on the application.
  • The student must be currently enrolled at the school listed on the application.
  • The application must be received from the school listed on the application. 

3. NPUC New Converts Subsidy

The North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists offers a tuition discount to be granted by the school during the first three semesters of a student’s enrollment. This grant is to encourage students to enroll, whose parents have recently joined the Seventh-day Adventist church and whose children have not previously been enrolled in an Adventist school.

Elegibility Requirements

  • Church membership will have been established during the eighteen-month period immediately preceding school enrollment.
  • Benefits will apply to students who are initially enrolled in a Seventh-day Adventist school within the 18-month period. 

4. Riverside School Assistance

This fund is financed from two sources. Twenty five percent of proceeds made during our annual Apple Festival are deposited in this fund as well as proceeds from our annual school Auction Fiesta. At the Auction Fiesta guests have an opportunity to give a financial “Gift from the Heart” which directly supports a specific campus improvement plan for that year. All other proceeds from this event are directly deposited into the Riverside School Assistance fund; then distributed to families that qualify using the FACTS formulation.

Elegibility Requirements

  • Family must complete the FACTS form and qualify for financial assistance. 

5. Riverside Church Fund

These scholarships are financed by the Riverside Seventh-Day Adventist Church and are specifically for the children/grandchildren of members of the Riverside Church or a student who is a member of Riverside.

Elegibility Requirements

  • Parents or Grandparents of the student/s are members of the Riverside Seventh-Day Adventist Church OR the student is a member of the Riverside Seventh-Day Adventist Church.