Our School

Committed to the academic and spiritual nourishment of your student.

Mrs. Bethany Edmundson, Principal
Mrs. Rebecca Mininger, Pre-Kindergarten
Mrs. Kimberly Noel, Kindergarten
Mrs. Athena Mason, 1st-2nd Grade
Mrs. Lindsey Coyle, 3rd Grade
Mrs. Karla O’Neal, 4th-5th Grade
Mrs. Emily Ford, 6th-8th Grade
Mrs. Leslie Rappe, Physical Education
Mrs. Kalie Waldeck, Business Manager
Mr. Merrill Caviness, Pastor
Mrs. Lynda Logan, School Board Chair

Mrs. Tymothi Wright

Mrs. Kimberly Noel

Mrs. Athena Mason

Miss Megan Weems

Mrs. Emily Ford

Mrs. Kristina Richards

Merrill Caviness